Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hey guys, it is official, all copies of BLOOD MAGIC are

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much everyone that has ordered and supported us!!!!

More information coming later, just needed to let everyone know that we no longer have any free books!

BTW to those who ordered copies: the last of the books should be going out tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest, a good majority of the orders were already sent out on Friday :)

Thank you all again!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

A little more of the signing.

Look at these happy people receiving our zine at the GRRM signing!

Remember, you can also be one of these happy people by ordering the zine ONLINE.

Our zine seemed to be pretty well received by the people and GRRM himself. I also gave GRRM a copy of this flyer:

...which I drew for the zine and have been strategically been hiding around NYC... I was happy he seemed to have gotten a kick out of it!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


This whole floor was packed and overspilled to the third floor!!!!

the man of the hour


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blood Magic: Pre-order

Many people have been asking about the availability of the zine, so we've decided to take pre-orders!

If you would like a copy, please click donate below. We are asking for $7.00 :)
Don't forget to include your address in the email!


Thank you to everyone that has supported us!

Credit where credit is due.

This is our fancy opener page by NICK ILUZADA and also the inspiration for the title of this zine.

I thought it would probably would be nice to credit everyone who has work in Blood Magic.

Here we go in alphabetical order!

Arlin Ortiz (page 20, 31) -
Asiul (page 12) -
Ella Fastiggi (page 32) - www.
Evan Dahm (page 15) -
Hunter Heckroth (page 16, cover art) -
Jacob Paul Ferguson (page 23) -
Jen Lee (page 30) -
Jen Wang (page 3) -
Jeremy Sorese (page 24) -
Jessica “Jeska” Nguyen (page 13) -
Kali Ciesemier (page 4, 25) -
Kris Mukai (page 18, 31, 32, printing) -
L. Nichols (page 17) -,
LGW Green (page 2) - twitter: @lgwgreen
Maré Odomo (page 6) -
Maritsa Patrinos (page 7,14, layout, borders) -
Max Beck (page 26-29) -
Melissa Ling (epilogue) -
Nick Iluzada (page 1) -
Nicole Dochych (page 34) -
Rory Phillips (page 21) -
Sam Bosma (page 8-11) -
Sloane Leong (page 36) -
Stefan Grambart (page 5) -
Weja (page 19) -
Yuko Ota (page 22) -,

Also big thanks to Arlin Ortiz for helping us print and bind things. I forgot to mention it in the last post.

WE MADE 100 MORE BOOKS YESTERDAY. These ones are on even fancier paper. Get excited!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome to Blood Magic!

Hello! First post.
This blog was made for the Song of Ice and Fire ART ZINE called BLOOD MAGIC created by Maritsa, Kris, and Hunter.

We put this little book together in honor of the debut of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS which goes on sale TOMORROW!!! We will be at George R. R. Martin's NYC signing in Union Square's Barnes and Noble on THURSDAY to give a copy to the man himself and handing out these babies to fans if you would like a copy.

First off, thanks to everyone who submitted artwork to be printed! We had so many amazing pieces to sort through- we wish we could have included everything but we could not anticipate the amount of people who wanted to be a part of this.

We printed and bound our first 100 copies today! Folding night round one!

That's Kris- drinking a well deserved COLD ONE. Kris did all the fancy printing, I did some layout and some fancy borders, and Hunter did this fancy cover:

The interiors are all black and white prints and our fancy covers are printed on a risograph in three colors.

Hunter and Kris and I and lots of other AMAZING illustrators have some great ASOIAF art tucked away inside that we can't wait to show you. Stay tuned, lords and ladies!


[...Also, I just wanted to clarify- we aren't looking to make profit or represent GRRM or the book or B&N. This is simply for fun- to commemorate one of our favorite authors. :)]